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Maintaining the NATO Alliance
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The Heritage of Blood and Battle:

On June 25, 1950, North Korean Communist armies invaded South Korea. A few US units -- poorly trained and under-armed - were quickly sent to assist South Korea. They fought desperately to hold back the enemy. Later, larger numbers of U.S. forces - trained and well-armed - would be sent and the invaders would be stopped and pushed back to the 38th parallel, from which they had launched their aggression.

US forces were the majority strength in Korea for resisting the aggression, but other countries answered the UN's appeal to send military forces. Among these were the Turkish Brigade, which General MacArthur called "the bravest of the brave." Even today, American and other veterans can personally attest to the legendary bravery of the Brigade.

Because of the Korean War, the "Evil Empire" was prevented from gaining a strategic advantage in Northeast Asia. The Free World's resolve was stiffened and more countries were able to resist the onslaught of Communism against the rest of the world.

The Korean War showed the value and dependability of our NATO allies. It even paved the way for expansion of NATO thru the entry of the Republic of Turkiye and the Kingdom of Greece, both of whom proved themselves in combat in Korea.

Our Heritage Today: The Soviet Empire lost the "Cold War" and is now gone. The Free World's military might helped insure this vast benefit. But the sacrifices of our veterans seem to be getting lost in history. Are we to ignore the presence of surviving Korean War veterans in our midst? Before they depart on the stream of time, ATVA intends to honor them and to encourage expressions of gratitude from younger generations that have benefitted from the sacrifices of our veterans.


Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, ATVA's potential has grown immeasurably. We must now include in our vision support for the War on Terrorism- a war made necessary to defend modern civilization from the medieval religious barbarism embodied in the character and operations of Al Qaïda.

ATVA promotes public awareness of the history and continued challenges being faced by America and its longtime allies - especially those in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO made possible the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. Since its baptism of blood in Korea, the alliance has proven its great value - as we have seen - in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Its existence is a vibrant contradiction to the ideology of the so-called "Muslim" extremists, who have attacked us.

Some ethno-religious groups in NATO countries still harbor age-old grudges against the old Ottoman Empire and are active in movements to punish the modern Republic of Turkiye for the Empire's misdeeds (both real and fictional). ATVA is determined to play an active part in opposing such destructive efforts.


The ATVA Organization: The American & Turkish Veterans Association aims to:

* Educate the American and Turkish public about the history of the U.S.- Turkiye alliance, with emphasis on NATO.
* Honor those who have performed duties or services in support of the alliance
* Promote the strengthening and continued development of the alliance.




The American and Turkish Veterans Association





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